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jewellery designer & maker

After over 30 years making jewellery on Odiham High St, Jo Kelsey has moved her workshop to a new private studio where she continues to make beautiful collections and commissions.

Jo is busy in the workshop and the diary is nearly full! 

she will be taking on new projects from September, so to discuss your commission simply drop her an email 

look forward to working together …

Jo is now back in the workshop
and the diary is already filling up!

she is taking on projects to start in the spring, so if you have a commission in mind simply
drop us an email 

look forward to working with you soon …

Jo is now back in the workshop and the diary is already filling up! 

she is taking on projects to start in the spring, so if you have a commission in mind simply drop us an email 

look forward to working with you soon …

what we get up to

Looking for something blue? How about this beautiful blue sapphire, what would you do with it? a ring perhaps, flanked either side with an emerald cut diamond!
This stunning sapphire is just one of the beautiful stones in my collection waiting to be made into a new piece if jewellery.
It measures 6.2 by 5.2 mm and weighs 1.43cts.
I will be revealing more of my gemstones on my other insta page originalsgems in the next few weeks.

Contact for more info on this stone.

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Today is a rainy day so perfect for catching up on some designs , this one is for a ring using this lovely faceted freeform Ruby, not all stones have to be clean and perfect. This one has the most amazing internal inclusions, lots to look at. #freeform #gemstones #ringdesign #ipaddrawing #rings #jewellery #originalsodiham #hampshirelife #odiham ...

My poor Mum, always the first with support and love but often the last to get her Christmas present! We are still in January though so its not too bad 😬 i gave her the loose stones for Christmas day and now they are these lovely drop earrings. The Stones are Pietersite, a variety of Chalcedony. Pietersite was first discovered in 1962 in Namibia. Often used as a healing stone, its known as the tempest stone, its stormy appearance is believed to carry energies that bring positive changes to the wearer, for me I just love how dramatic these stones are! Happy Christmas Mum 😁 I have lots of interesting stones tucked away, if you are looking for something with a bit more “drama” I may just have the perfect stone! :#mum #gemstones #pietersite #jewellery #originalsodiham #handmade #hampshirelife #odiham ...

from the workshop

Designs & Commissions

During the design process, you can either be as involved as you like or you can leave Jo to design and create your perfect piece. For sentimental reasons, we are quite often asked to take unworn, broken or inherited jewellery to melt down and redesign into something new to enjoy wearing.

Jewellery Repairs

Alongside our design facility, our fully equipped workshop offers a wide range of services – from restoring a much loved piece or replacing a lost stone; to ring sizing and re-stringing pearls, we are happy to undertake the majority of repairs when possible.

Insurance Valuations

We are lucky and proud to have a long-standing relationship with Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA, who provides a comprehensive and independent valuation service. A multi-award winner, Shirley is recognised as one of the premier Valuers in the country.

a little bit about Jo

After 2 years at the prestigious Sir John Cass Faculty Of Arts in London, Jo began her jewellery business at the age of 20 and opened her first shop in Odiham High Street in 1989.

As a Certified Diamond Grader (HRD Antwerp) and self-confessed gem-aholic, Jo’s attention to detail and craftsmanship makes her finely crafted jewellery highly sought after.

Given her passion and ever-increasing knowledge, Jo’s business inevitably evolved – and after over 30 years owning a Jewellers & Gallery in Odiham High St, Jo now works from a private studio.

recreating a piece of history …

Back in 2014, Jo was commissioned by the Jane Austen House Museum to reproduce the author’s famous turquoise ring – with the word ‘Chawton’ laser engraved on the inside in Jane’s handwriting.

As the only jeweller in the world with permission to reproduce the piece, Jo is privileged to have had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to handle the original ring when she was making notes for the reproduction.

your kind words

I’m lucky enough to have had various pieces made by Jo Kelsey, everything from my wedding ring to necklace, bracelet, earrings and I have loved each one.

Tom W

Thanks Jo, it is great to be able to wear my ring again. I love your new way of working – meeting up over coffee is so much more fun than popping into a shop!

Sue M

Jo made a wonderful pair of earrings for us. Lovely to have something truly unique. Jo interpreted my design beautifully and the quality is amazing.

Amanda C

tell us what you’ve got in mind …

As Jo is normally busy on the bench, she doesn’t always get the chance to answer the phone, so it’s probably easier if you send an email outlining your project and we can go from there!